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November 7, 2012
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Ivan jolted out of his bed, woken up by a horrid nightmare. In his nightmare everyone was gone. They either left him or met fateful ends. But his worst fear during the nightmare, being alone.

Ivan scanned the dark room, trying to figure out if he was still stuck in his hellish nightmare, or this was really his room after all. He slowly moved from under the blanket, wiping the cold sweat off his forehead. Ivan exhaled, stood, and exited his room to walk down the dark hallway. He stopped by Lithuania's door and peered through the slightly open door, he was in his bed resting peacefully, one of his legs hanging off the bed, and he thought to himself, "Good, he is here".

He quietly shut his door, moving down the hall to check on his other Baltic's, they were in their beds, snoring quietly. Ivan smiled to himself and wandered down the hall, making his way back to his bed, for sweet slumber was calling his name. Just as he slid back under the covers realization smacked him in the face, "I forgot _____! What if she is gone?!". He threw back the covers, jumping out of bed and storming down the hall to your bedroom.

Just as he reached your door his footsteps fell silent. Ivan slowly turned the doorknob and gently pushed the door open. The door creaked and Ivan silently cursed the door for making noise. The dim moonlight flooded into your room, revealing your motionless body as you slept. He grinned, pleased that everyone was still in their beds.

Ivan turned to leave but heard you groan quietly; You were having troubles sleeping that night because of the full moon. What people refer to as, 'Full moon fever'. You rolled onto your side to see Ivan standing in your doorway, staring at you with his violet orbs. You yawned as you sat up halfway and rubbed your eyes, "Mr. Russia? Is that you?". He visibly flinched, "Da, I was just checking on you". You sat up fully and asked, your tone sleepy, "What are you doing here? It's...", You glanced at the clock on the nightstand next to your bed, "One in the morning, sir". His embarrassment turned into a that sweet, childish smile of his, "Da, I know. I think it would be best if you go back to sleep now".

You continued staring at him, Ivan not making an effort to leave. You replied curtly,"And what, are you going to watch me toss and turn all night?". Ivan was a bit hurt at this statement, "Nyet, I have no reason to do that". You yawned again, "Why were you here again?". Ivan ignored your question, walking over to your bed, pushing you aside and sliding under the blankets next to you. You exclaimed, "What are you doing?!". What was he exactly doing? First he was in your doorway watching you for no reason, then he randomly climbs into your bed. He states, sleepily, "I'm tired". Your tone was a little angry through the sleepiness, "So why don't you go to your own bed?". He looked at you with pleading eyes, "I can stay, please, _____~? I had nightmare that you left me, You would not do that, would you?". Ivan wrapped his arms around you, cuddling close as he rested his head on your chest. He was rarely ever this clingy. You were surprised at him, is this still the same man that called himself, 'The Great Mother Russia', and yet he was begging to sleep with you because he dreamed you left? Too tired to care, you yawned once more letting your head fall onto your pillow, "Fine, you can stay. And no, I would never do such a thing".

Ivan tightened his grip on you, as if you were a teddy bear and smiled. You admitted in your thoughts, 'It is nice to have someone to sleep with'. You were having a nightmare as well, before Ivan came into your room, and you were still a bit scared. You felt safer in his arms. He mumbled, "Because you are my favorite person, da?". You replied, a bit of joy in your voice, "I-I am?". You looked down at the corn silk haired man and he emitted a sound of agreement, "Mhm....". He nodded his head, nuzzling your neck as he did so. Ivan started to drift to sleep, and you knew he sometimes said nonsense when he was tired. You questioned, "Are you sure?". He didn't answer, you repeated the question. No reply. You whispered, "Are you asleep?". Still no reply. "Well, goodnight then, Mr. Russia, I hope you sleep better, I know I will. Thank you".

Lithuania woke up, realizing the time, he quickly collected himself and rushed down the hall to wake you up, opening the door to your room, "______, its time to get up~!". Ivan heard him and woke up, turning over in bed carefully so he wouldn't wake you from your slumber. He lifted his head off the plush pillow to look at Lithuania, "She is sleeping in today, da?". Ivan stated with his creepy smile making it's way on his face. Lithuania slowly backed out of the room, rushing off to do the chores with a barely audible, "Yes sir".
A collab I did with :iconakxcat:

The original story belongs to her! But I offered to edit it for her and she was kind enough to let me ;u;
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